Kubeapps is a web-based UI for deploying and managing applications in your Kubernetes clusters available at https://apps.h8l.io.

Gateway Diagram

General information


Click on “LOGIN WITH H8LIO” on the https://apps.h8l.io/ login page to authenticate on the dashboard.


If you are the owner, administrator or operator of your h8lio domain, you can add your own repositories or OCI registries to the current context by clicking on the top right header menu icon and the menu entry “Add Repositories”. The developers of your domain have a read access.

Refer to the documentation to add a private Repository or a Helm Repository.

If you get the warning message on your Chart “There is a problem with this package: this package has missing information, some actions might not be available.”, it is very likely that your Chart is missing its repository in the current context.

Application Settings

Check the Helm configuration to specify the application values before to install or upgrade a Chart.

Dashboard h8lio

On your h8lio domain’s dashboard you can see the “Applications” tab (beside the “Services” tab) which lists the charts present in your current cluster.